DTT (Discrete Trial Training) is an ABA  method used to teach a skill or behavior by breaking it down in to small components and providing multiple opportunities. 


NET (Natural Environment Teaching) is a method that utilizes the principles of ABA and teaches skills or behaviors in the natural environment. This method is especially beneficial for children with Autism as it builds natural reinforcement in the environment and is focused on learning through play or in natural settings.


PRT (Pivotal Response Treatment) is a child led and play based approach to teaching children with Autism. It is focused on pivotal behaviors such as motivation, responsivity and social initiations. 

Social Skills

AT BDC we have a specially designed Social Skills curriculum that uses ABA strategies to teach social skills to individuals. Our program focuses on specific social skills that are imperative for social development and building meaningful relationships.

Verbal Behavior

Verbal Behavior Therapy is an ABA method of teaching communication. Verbal behavior focuses on teaching communication by showing that words have meaning. Verbal Behavior  connects words with a purpose so an individual can access their wants and needs and engage in social interactions more effectively. 


PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) is an ABA teaching method that uses visual and icons to help develop communication skills in an individual. PECS is taught in stages to develop a communication system that the individual can use to effectively communicate with other people.